Ackison Launches Statewide Commercial Campaign

Conservative U.S. Senate candidate Melissa Ackison launched her statewide commercial advertisement campaign on Fox with the help of the Ohio voters and all who support her. Melissa continues to be underestimated by the media and her opponents while her supporters are confident in her ability to win the primary and yank Sherrod Brown’s Senate seat from him once and for all.

Melissa has led a genuine grassroots campaign from the very beginning and it speaks volumes that she is airing a statewide commercial advertisement campaign without big money. Her candidacy is proof that big money is no longer the end all, be all in politics. As Melissa continues to say, the hearts of Ohioans cannot be bought. This race is a tough battle but one that is worth fighting for. Melissa has single handedly taken Ohioans frustrations and turned it into a vision of Melissa Ackison standing up to liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans in Washington.

Amanda Tidwell
Advisor to Communications
Friends To Elect Melissa


April 6th, 2018

Ohio Value Voters Endorses Melissa Ackison
US Senate candidate Melissa Ackison (R-OH) is pleased to announce that Ohio Value Voters has endorsed her candidacy for The United State’s Senate. This endorsement shows what many Ohioans are discovering, Melissa Ackison is the most conservative candidate in this race.

As Melissa Ackison travels the state, voters are getting excited. She is speaking at full events with standing room only, Melissa’s campaign is on the rise while we are seeing the others lose support. Ohio conservatives are looking around and realizing that the best person to go up against Sherrod Brown is the most conservative person running, Melissa Ackison.


Ackison For US Senate
Eric Cox
Director of Communications

Ackison Student Outreach Directors selected

U.S. Senate candidate Melissa Ackison welcomes Lillian Dunning and Andrew Kessell to her campaign team. Lillian and Andrew will be tasked with managing outreach teams within the student sector of Ohio. Both have been very active within the conservative movement and Team Ackison is very excited to work with them.

Lillian Dunning is a Freshman at The College of Wooster and is a Political Science Major with a concentration in international relations. She currently serves as the Vice Chairman of Wooster College Republicans. She has previously worked on multiple campaigns, most notably as the Deputy Field Director in Dayton for Rob Portman’s U.S. Senate campaign.

Andrew Kessell is a Junior at Mount Vernon Nazarene University and a double major in Pastoral Ministry and Political Science. He is the president of Mount Vernon Nazarene University College Republicans. Andrew is also the central regional director for Ohio College Republicans.



Team Ackison Press Release 3/14/18

“US Senate candidate Melissa Ackison (R-OH) has signed the US Term Limits pledge. Melissa Ackison is dedicated to serving the people of Ohio, and not becoming entrenched into the Washington Swamp. Melissa Ackison has no plans to become a career politician. As a lifelong businesswomen, Melissa Ackison gets things done. She purchased her first home at 19, and worked in factories and manufacturing. For too long politicians in Washington have forgotten about the communities they are supposed to represent. As the next US Senator from Ohio, Melissa Ackison stands firmly on the necessity of term limits for elected officials in Washington.”

Team Ackison

Team Ackison Press Release 2/28/18

“Last night Greene County delivered Melissa Ackison her first major win and a foreshadowing of what’s to come on May 8th.  In their first round of voting to endorse a candidate in the Senatorial race, the Greene County Republican Central Committee voted 39 for Melissa Ackison, 32 for Renacci, and 24 for Gibbons, causing the committee to go into a second round of voting to decide between Ackison and Renacci. After only a few minutes they overwhelmingly endorsed Melissa Ackison for U.S. Senate.  Melissa Ackison has long pleaded with the ORP and local Republican Central Committee chapters to not endorse and let the people decide, but to no avail. So, in Greene County, Melissa pleaded to at least vote for the candidate that can beat Senator Sherrod Brown and that’s what Greene County did, giving Melissa Ackison her first Central Committee endorsement.”

Peggy Guzzo, Campaign Manager/Strategist
Friends to Elect Melissa Ackison


Press Release 2/27/2018

Gravis Marketing Ohio Senate Poll Analysis

Among likely Republican voters, Jim Renacci leads, Melissa Ackison currently in 2nd, and Mike Gibbons is in third. These results are surprising in many ways, but not unexpected based on how voters on the ground are reacting to each candidate.

What we know.

Jim Renacci’s campaign has been extremely inefficient.

Renacci’s campaign has outspent Ackison by a margin of at least 200 to 1, and Mike Gibbons by roughly 2 to 1, yet 85% of the Republican electorate refuses to commit to him. 20% more voters have heard of Renacci compared to Ackison, but of those Republicans who have heard of Renacci, 17% view him unfavorably. Renacci is performing extremely well in Cincinnati most likely due to his former gubernatorial running mate Amy Murray. He has yet to gain any traction in Columbus. At this point in this campaign, with the resources Renacci has he should be hitting his stride, instead he’s hitting a wall.

Melissa Ackison has the most upside in both the Republican primary and in the general election.

Ackison has been outspent by at least 200 to 1 by Renacci and roughly 100 to 1 by Gibbons. Of voters who have heard of Ackison, only 8% view her unfavorably. She’s currently outperforming both Renacci and Gibbons in Columbus. Her lack of name recognition is not surprising this early in the race, and will naturally rise as the election nears. Ackison’s campaign has been extremely effective swaying people they’ve contacted.

Two statistics tell us she’s the candidate with the most upside. 1.) Of voters who have heard of all three candidates, Ackison leads. 2.) Ackison has the most crossover appeal. In a separate Gravis poll that included Republican, Democrats and Independents, Ackison performed best with crossover voters. 

If Ackison can raise the money to take her highly effective social media videos and put them on television sets, Ackison can

Mike Gibbons campaign is dead in the water.

Considering the amount of money Mike Gibbons has poured into this campaign, Mike Gibbons doesn’t have much to show for it. He’s polling last among the three Republican candidates and unlike Melissa Ackison, Gibbons doesn’t have a clear path to victory. Gibbons is outperforming Renacci with crossover voters, but is a distant 2nd among those voters to Ackison. He also doesn’t appear to have a base. Renacci is surging in Cincinnati, Ackison is performing very well in Columbus, but Gibbons has no stronghold across the state.

The one demographic Gibbons is performing extremely well with is the most insignificant. 27% of voters 18-29 prefer Mike Gibbons. This age group is the smallest voting bloc of the electorate. Gibbons is between 3-4% with the remaining likely Republican voters.

As the below poll results demonstrate, Melissa is well positioned to be a favorite among Republican voters.

What type of candidate would you prefer?

A Republican endorsed incumbent politician- 7.2%
A successful businessman- 8.8%
A conservative outsider- 61.2%
Unsure- 22.8%

Would you be more likely to vote for a candidate who has a concealed carry permit?

More likely- 51%
Less likely-9.4%

How important is it to unseat Incumbents?

Not at all important-8.9%
Somewhat unimportant- 13.7%
Somewhat important-27.5%
Very important 41%


2/9/18 Press Release

Team Melissa Ackison for U.S. Senate spokesperson, Peggy Guzzo, response to Senator Sherrod Brown’s campaign.

RE Senator Sherrod Brown’s Campaign spokesman Preston Maddock comments, to Columbus Dispatch Reporter Darrel Rowland, calling Melissa Ackison’s statements “inappropriate,” in her speech to the Ohio GOP, and demanding her comments be condemned by her fellow GOP opponents, is completely absurd. If Senator Sherrod Brown’s Camp finds the 2nd Amendment offensive and is easily offended by tough words then Senator Sherrod Brown should just concede the election to Melissa Ackison because it’s going to get a lot tougher for him when facing Melissa Ackison on a debate stage.

Peggy Guzzo, Spokesperson
Friends to Elect Melissa Ackison


1/19/18 Press Release

Melissa Ackison Campaign Manager, Peggy Guzzo, released the following statement after watching Gibbons and Renacci’s recent backings from political insiders:

“Disappointing but Not Surprising

Renacci is collecting swamp and establishment tokens from Washington and Ohio GOP establishment and Gibbons is collecting them from the Kasich team and deep state in the Ohio GOP.  Well newsflash to both, we the PEOPLE are interested in a true conservative committed to returning the Republic to the people. We are done with backdoor deals by special interest-establishment elitist promising us the world and giving us nothing. We want real change and honest hardworking representatives to move our Country forward and work with the President to reinvest in our Country and in the American people. We love all people but we need to take this time to rebuild our Country and Melissa Ackison is the only true Republican conservative running for U.S. Senate, who can beat Sherrod Brown in a head to head match. If Renacci or Gibbon wins the Republican Primary that means Sherrod Browns stays in and the establishment and deep state of corruption wins and that simply is not an option. Take no chances work, support, and vote to elect Melissa Ackison in the May 8th Republican Primary.

We encourage you to join the Movement and learn more about Melissa Ackison at and follow her on:
Facebook at
Twitter at”

Peggy Guzzo,
Campaign Manager
Friends to Elect Melissa Ackison


Press Release:  1/12/18

Melissa Ackison’s response to the Press’s request for a response to Alleged Comments made by President Trump:

“Now the press wants to shed light on my candidacy for U.S. Senate, only to pit me against the President on something the President supposedly said in a meeting I did not attend. I’ve been in the race for U.S. Senate since September and the press and my opponents have ignored my candidacy; most likely because I am the strongest conservative Republican in the race for U.S. Senate, who will defeat Sherrod Brown. As for the alleged comments from President Trump, I wasn’t in the room so I don’t know what was actually said and the context in which it was said and therefore will not judge my President’s alleged words without knowing the facts; however, personally, I love all people, I love my President, I love my Country and I believe in honestly assessing the strengths and weakness of any matter that impacts the American people. And I would add, if such comments were said, then who in the room was caring enough to ask for clarification? I personally have met and worked with the President on health care initiatives and I can tell you, the President is very smart and a master when it comes to the use of verbal causes and effects to move the focus to where he wants it and he deeply cares about all life but feels it is his responsibility to take care of Americans first.”

Melissa Ackison


Press Release 1/6/18:

Melissa Ackison candidate for U.S. Senate held a Facebook Live press conference yesterday to announce the start of her grassroot statewide Townhall Meetings. Melissa Ackison will take her message of how to move our Country forward and promise to keep the Federal Government in check both in power and spending and the importance to support President Trump in cleaning up Washington and returning the republic to the people. However, prior to announcing the Melissa Ackison for U.S. Senate Townhall County Meetings, she first took a moment to acknowledge Josh Mandel’s decision to drop out of the race by stating she reached out to Josh Mandel earlier and shared her sincere wishes of support and prayers to him and his family during this difficult time.
Melissa Ackison ended the press conference by publicly calling out a pay-to-play practice that her campaign has encountered by some county Central Committees requesting a fee to be considered for endorsements. Melissa Ackison made it clear she will not pay for endorsements but will run and win the hearts of voters on her own merits and with the grace of God. After wrapping up the Facebook Live conference, Melissa Ackison was asked whether she was concerned with the establishment putting in another candidate, maybe someone from the Governor’s race. Melissa Ackison said she wasn’t concerned because she said the voters have awaken and are wise to the ways of the establishment and tired of candidates switching races because they can’t win the race they’re in and selfishly looking for another race that’s a good fit for them but not the people.